How do I start?

Install the app and follow the steps
1. Choose a farm based on your current location.
2. Book a plot.
3. Choose the veggies you want to grow.
4. Pay for a month’s subscription.

How many vegetables can I grow at a time in my farm & what is the size of the farm?

Each mini-farm is divided into 10 beds, and you can grow a different vegetable in each of them. Size of the Farm is 550 Sq ft.

How much does this cost?

The cost for a subscription with our current partner farmers is 2599/- per month.

What happens after I pay and book a farm?

Once you pay and book your farm, the farmer starts preparing your plot with the vegetables you have chosen. When your harvest is ready, you can visit the farm to pick it up yourself - or let us deliver your produce right to your doorstep.

When can I expect my first harvest?

It depends on the plants that you choose to grow.

Is this organic?

All your crops will be grown organically with no chemical inputs. We also follow natural farming techniques like mulching, planting pest repellent plants & Panchagavya ,etc - in order to make sure that the food that you grow is natural and wholesome.

Is it an organic veggie delivery service like others ?

No. It is a Farm to Kitchen model.

What happens if a crop fails?

Some crop failures may occur ,as it wholly depends on the climate,flood situation and pest attack. But we take utmost care to protect the crop and shall try our maximum best for you.

How can I change my delivery address ?

You can change your delivery address by going to the Account tab in the app. But also note that We can only deliver to the serviceable area of us.

When will you deliver ?

Usually it starts in a week based on harvest of crop.

I am away on vacation for some time - can I stop my deliveries during this time

Yes. You can. Go to the account setting and click the pause delivery. Remember to switch the option off when you are back in town! If, while attempting to deliver your produce to you, we learn you are out of town, we will automatically set this option for you, and notify you - you will need to switch it off when you are back in town.

How do I pay ?

Through app You can pay via our online payment gateway partners - debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets and UPI.

What should I do when crops got harvested in the bed?

If a bed is having a crop owing to a harvest, and you do not take any action within 2 days after notifications, the farmer will be automatically instructed by our system to plant a default vegetable into that bed.

What happens if I miss my payment due date?

We will notify through app and suppose if you happen to miss it after that, we will send for allocation to other customers. And again you need to start from beginning for the subscription.

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I proceed ?

Before Cancelling please review the Cancellation Policy. You can cancel the Subscription at anytime by sending us an email at Your services will continue till the end of your current paid-up billing cycle.

.What happens to my crops after my subscription ends?

Once your Subscription ends, it will be allotted to other customers to book. Plan accordingly if You wish to cancel it so that you can take the harvesting vegetables, the remaining growing vegetables in the Plot will be booked for other customers.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the Account setting and change the Passwords.

Can I book more than one farm?

Yes. You can book more than one farm.

I am unhappy with the farmer - what can I do?

You can write to us on mail – info We will address it and resolve .

I know there’s a farm near my city. Can Farmvalli partner with the farmer who runs this farm ?

Yes.We will be happily move forward with the Organic Famers for sure.

Try The App Now.

Install the app, choose a community farm near you, and start farming !