In HINDU on May 20, 2020

Marudhu Pandi, co-founder of Farmvalli Organics, a three-month-old start up, which delivers to Bengaluru and Chennai, says he spends a lot of time educating customers on the value of organic produce, even if it is marginally more expensive sometimes. He says customers also need to relearn how to eat food that is in season when buying local, organic fruits and vegetables. “We observe that customers are not always willing to wait for the harvest, but are in a hurry to get what they want at a lesser cost in a wholesale market.

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In DT NEXT on July 05, 2020

Farmvalli Organics is a start-up that bridges the gap between organic farmers and customers in the city. Maruthu Pandi, one of the founders, says, “We are following a method called selective independent farming. Unlike other vegetable service providers, we let the customers choose the veggies by providing all means of transparency from seeding to harvesting. Since people wanted to know where their food is coming from, we have a unique subscription model called rent-a-farm. In this, they can rent a 550 sq ft farm in Chengalpattu or Guduvancherry and do farming sitting at the comfort of their homes.

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