1. Book a FVBOT in Farmvalli for Monthly rental Subscription.
2. We will visit your place for inspection of availability of Electricity, Water & Wifi Connection and will do the installation & commissioning of FVBOT at your home after our inspection is done.
3. Once it is done, starting from Machine Installation & Commissioning, seed, Bed Preparation, Manures and all other manuals will be handed over to you.
4. You can start farming at any time by login into Farmvalli App and select your command for FVBOT to Work.
5. The FVBOT will take care of your whole Farming. You can choose anything from App for Farming- Just like Seeding, Watering, Manuring & Testing the Soil Condition, Changing the Crops etc.
6. Your FVBOT will take care of Crop and keeps you update about your crops conditions.
7. Sit back,relax & Enjoy eating the chemical free vegetables produced by Real time Robot Farming.
8. Continue Renewing it for next month to extend the FVBOT.

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